24 June 2011

† Matt Rach: The Rising Young French Guitarist †

Matthew Rachmajda, also known as Matt Rach, born February 15, 1991, is a young French guitarist, who has become well-known in the internet especially in YouTube with videos of him performing his own composed music.

MattRach has been playing the guitar since he was eight years old and has been in a band since 2003. He is so talented that he can play at many music instruments and that makes himself the bassist, guitarist, drummer, keyboardist and accoustic guitarist of his self-composed music. Below are my most favourited videos of Matt Rach performing his music.

Title: Exotic Rain

A great music with fantastic bass arrangement plus a hang drum playing along in the intro.

Title: Run Or Die

A cute and cheerful arrangement where Matt plays his banjo with his full-of-expression face.

Matt is truly a gifted and talented guy in which he possessed the ability to play, to compose and to express himself through music. It won't take long for him to reach international level and perhaps in a few years time you might see him appears in television as well as magazines.

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