22 June 2011

† Joyful Selection: Cheap Guitar + Cheap Hard Cover †

What a joy! I've managed to buy this guitar plus a cover combo at the price of RM350 only: semi-acoustic guitar RM190, hard case cover RM160 and it comes to a total of RM350.

Nicely crafted design and colour. Although its not an expensive Ibanez or Fender guitar, I still love it very much.

The good thing about it is that, its my favourite turtle back design. I've been wanting to own such guitar since my childhood and finally I've got one!

Simplicity makes perfection. There's no hankey bankey designs or graphite on the cover and this is what makes it looks original.


  1. whoa, where you get it? wanna get one too!

  2. haha, great deal right? the guitar i got it from one of the guitar shops in the old wing of one utama, while the cover i got it from a guitar shop in summit mall.

    1. urmm..tingkat berapa yer ..? n apa nama kedai tu?

    2. rasanya, mc ada jual lagi tak? bila beli ni?

  3. fuhh... sy ada gitar ni....tpi dah rosak... so nak beli baru..tpi mahal...ni dapat murah ni nak beli lah juga..

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