02 May 2011

† Steps For Investment Via Martin Wong's Book †

There are many great books about investment and trading available in MPH, POPULAR and BORDERS but Martin Wong's books attracted my attention instead.

For your information, the author Martin Wong is a leading expert on stocks and futures in the Malaysian stocks, futures and commodities market. He is also an active trader/investigator and manages his clients' fund and regularly beats market averages. Other than writing books and trading, he also conducts seminars/workshops on trading and investment approaches. (source: http://www.traderstruthrevealed.com/)

SUPERCHARGE: Your Investing Approach For Big Profits
Very good piece of book. Why? Most investment books focus either on Fundamental or Technical Analysis but Martin Wong's book goes by combining both of these analysis, thus producing a synergistic impact on your decision while doing trading. Really superb! Of course if you're new to FA or TA, its better that you start all your basic via Pauline Wong's I Love Stocks or Investopedia. Remember this is not a book for a sure-win trading, but its more like a guideline for you to refer whenever you're doubting your decision in the share market. If you're a person who loves short term or intermediate trading, I think it is worth your RM39.90 to buy this book and refer to.

DIVIDENDS DON'T LIE: Finding Value In Bursa Malaysia Blue Chip Stocks
Another great piece of work by Martin Wong, teaching us how to value and evaluate blue chip company in Malaysia. Why blue chip company? Even if properties prices were to fall, blue chip company would recover and find their way back to the top. Martin Wong's book teaches us to locate blue chip stocks and he clearly stated that dividends are telling us how tough a company can be. If you're a long term investor who seeks low risk investment, I think you should spend your RM39.90 to buy this book as your reference.

My Thoughts: reading books about investment and share market is merely a guidance for yourself and it won't do you any good if you don't practice it in real-time.

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