10 May 2011

† How To Fail Your Exams In No Time †

I didn't expect there are so many ways to fail your exam papers in such interesting manners.

1. Nonsense Excuses:
Make it crazy. Tell your teacher why you can't answer the questions.

2. Do Your Utterly Best
If you can't answer, might as well just give your best shot!

3. Act Pity
Make your teacher feel guilty for failing you. Perhaps you can survive.

4. Threaten Your Teacher
Show that you're the man. Don't mess with you or else your teacher will taste your anger.

5. Self Entertainment
Create your own maze instead of cracking your brain for the solution of these questions.

6. Don't Give A Fuck
Like it or not, here's the answer.

Credited to: http://zerooutoffive.blogspot.com/

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