13 November 2010

† Another Alien Invading Earth Movie: Skyline †

People just love watching the same thing over and over again don't they? Aliens invading Earth themed movies were produced in different titles such as 'Independence Day', 'War of the World', 'The Arrival' and now in 2010, 'Skyline'.

Yeah I would say this is a very typical and boring themed movie but what has made this movie different from others is the producers: Colin Strause and Greg Strause, also known as 'Brothers Strause'. Whats so significant about them? In case you don't know, they are the one who have been responsible for the visual effects in dozens of blockbuster movies like Avatar, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, X Men 3, Wolverine, Terminator 3, 2012, Wanted, The Day After Tomorrow, 300 and more. So this time, they're going to make it big in their own project. 

Interesting Scenes:
Aliens hunting down the humans by pulling them into the ship via some anti-gravity device.

Human uses their best weapon a.k.a. nuclear bomb to gun down the aliens not knowing that these aliens are using some kind bio-organic-metal that enable them to auto-repair the ship.

 Armies shooting gigantic alien creatures with their pathetic bazooka.

Air forces including stealth aircraft battling the alien ship. This scene is really impressive.

My Thoughts:
The Good:
1. Really good graphic and visual effects.
2. Unexpectedly suspend and scary.

The Bad:
1. Lousy ending.
2. Too much of quarreling and debating.
3. Simple plot.

Conclusion: Worth watching? Why not? Or perhaps you rather spend another extra bucks for 3D MegaMind.


  1. Thanks for your review. I will never watch it, for goodness sake :)

  2. Its pretty good though, I would suggest it. I agree with everything except for an lousy ending. I will say I wanted more at the end the but the ending had a good emotional stand point at the end. I think it was on the verge of great. Left some things to be desired but worth a full price of admission.

  3. As for the interesting scene part, I can't seem to forget the scene where the humans use the airplanes to attack the alien ship. One of them carry the nuclear bomb and the rest of them had sacrificed to protect that airplane until it reached the mother ship. The whole team was meant to be sacrificed.