15 September 2010

† New Blog Traffic Statistic Viewer By Blogspot †

Blog traffic is measured to see the popularity of blog sites and individual pages. It is particularly important for bloggers who blog to earn money.

Many Blogspot bloggers are utilizing Google Analytics, or other third party tools such as Nuffnang and Alexa to observe the flow of their blog traffic. Many may not aware of the existing blog traffic viewer service provided by Blogspot. Simply go to your Blogspot 'dashboard', the 'stats' tab is at the very right side of your blog(s) that you manage.

The good thing about this service: it doesn't require any installation or configuration. Simply click on the tab will lead you to the overview of your blog. It monitors and analyzes your traffics by daily, monthly and all-time basis. Pretty impressive!

Another interesting part of this service is that bloggers are able to see which post in your blog gains the most viewers. For instance, my post with the title "Top 5 Anime & Game Villains" has achieved over 9000 views without me knowing it. At least we get to know which content in our blog attracts the readers.

Similar to Nuffnang's statistic viewer, Blogspot stats is able to show where your readers come from. Apparently, most of my readers are Americans followed by Malaysians.

Nuffnang traffic viewer may not be identical to that of Blogspot, but its uniqueness is much appreciated by many of its clients including me. Alexa has provided a certain degree of detail traffic statistic but I find certain data may not be accurate.

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  1. Yea i noticed the stats thing too like few days ago. started using it and so far i think it is doing pretty well. thanks for sharing anyway