28 September 2010

† Laura Shigihara: PopCap's Rising Treasure †

It is my natural habit to go for a deep search for those who compose great soundtracks for movies, games or animes. Laura Shigihara is definitely a young gifted music composer. She has been working as a video game music composer since 2005 and her music style ranged from orchestral themes, to uptempo battle themes, and even including songs featuring her own vocal tracks.

If you're familiar with PopCap's famous game 'Plants vs Zombies', you definitely will not miss its soundtrack written by Laura Shigihara. In the game, you'll be exposed to many cute songs and sometimes these songs will be permanently embedded  into your brain. Its really brain washing. You may watch her videos in YouTube.

Just a small little intro about this game, its also known as PvZ. It is a tower defense concept game where users need to build all kinds of plants to defend against the invaders (in this case, the zombies). These plants are so cute and each of them has a different kind of abilities including plants that emit freeze shots, triple shots, or plants with heavy duty attacks.

Here's a screen shot of me playing PvZ and I only manage to survive until the 54th stage before the zombies engulf all my plants. As you can see from the photo, some of my plants have already been destroyed.

Laura's Music
PLANTS VS ZOMBIES: There are many songs in PvZ but I find this vocal version of PvZ with the title 'Zombies On Your Lawn' is the most interesting among all. You may watch the video taken from YouTube or download the .zip file from the main website. You may also watch Laura sings while playing on the piano too. Her voice is seriously as sweet as caramel.

MELOLUNE: Very nice songs can be found in her website. After listening to all the songs here, I somehow feel the presence of Yoko Shimomura and Joe Hisaishi in the element of these music.

Great music, great taste, great influences and great composing. I believe Laura will definitely shines in future as her music will speak for her identity. Its truly PopCap's blessing to have her working for them.

Laura Shigihara's Blog
Laura Shigihara's YouTube Channel

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