30 August 2010

† Steam Bread In Ban Hin Coffee Shop of Temerloh †

Temerloh is a town in central Pahang Malaysia, located about 130km from both Kuantan and Kuala Lumpur. Temerloh is famous for its Patin fish, a type of fresh water fish that look like cat fish. Surprisingly, I've found something more interesting than this Patin fish in Temerloh.

I'm not pretty sure about Temerloh roads, therefore I can only give you the name of the coffee shop and what is the landmark around it. This little coffee shop known as Ban Hin Coffee Shop is located in the old town area of Temerloh, just right below Ban Min Hotel at the corner of the road.

Its a very old fashioned, vintage-like shop that most people would not even notice its existence. On top of that, the place looks filthy and dirtified, and thus blind the public from all the yummy treasures within it.

This is the steam bread that one should never miss. Its soft, hot, freshly steamed bread makes your mouth drool continuously. The traditional dish is served with milky butter and richly flavored kaya paste.

Two omega-3 eggs and a glass of chilly-iced freshly brewed white coffee is the best combination you can get in this vintage-looking shop.

If you have a huge appetite, you should not miss its kon low mee (dried noodles) served with minced pork. It won't be as delicious as Penang's kon low mee though, but the simplicity of this recipe makes it original and tasty.

The shop operates from 7am till 7pm and therefore you won't have to wake up early in the morning to taste the bread. Even if you finish your work at 6pm, you still have an hour to rush to the place for its steam bread. Ban Hin is the place to be if you want the best steam bread in town.


  1. The old fashioned kopitiam usually serve the bestest food from the town.. but it remind me the kluang railway station roti... =)

  2. whoa this place very near my dad's shop...

  3. mr keat, it'll be helpful if you can include figures (as in prices). i like numbers. lol