24 August 2010

† I Love Domo Kun †

Not many people around me know that I'm actually attracted to certain types of soft toys. Domo Kun is one of my all time favorite soft toys. Domo Kun (どーもくん in Japanese) is a small brown open-mouthed monster hatched from an egg who lives with a wise old rabbit underground. He can't speak and the only sound he produced is a low pitch kind of sound similar to 'do~mo~'.

Domo Kun is the official mascot of Japan's NHK television station, appearing in several 30 seconds stop-motion interstitial sketches shown as station identification during shows. You may watch the first episode of Domo Kun's origin here. Also pay a visit to the official website.

Domo Kun 30 seconds episodes was then upgraded to 3 minutes short episodes in English due to many requests made by the crowds and fans. Here's a few funny ones to watch. After watching a few episodes, I guarantee you that the Domo theme song will be stucked in your brain for some times.

Foot Print

Domo Kun discovered several dinosaur foot prints that scared him off.

Domo Kun thought he's just an ordinary being who couldn't bend a spoon.

The Pianist

Domo Kun is inspired by the television show and would like to perform.

Rock N Roll

Domo Kun loves Rock N Roll. He performs even better after a lightning strike.

Two Domos
Domo Kun in two. It causes catastrophic mess in Domo's house.

Well, I'm a Domo Kun huge fan that I even get its wallpaper. Here's a nice 1280 x 800 JPEG Domo Kun wallpaper.


  1. can i share this into my BLOGG ?

  2. of course you can :)