30 August 2010

† Advertisements & Earnings Via PTC & Ads †

'Ads' is the short form of the word 'advertisements'. What is PTC? It means Paid To Click. There are a few sites that provide such services and they are actually paying you to click on their advertisements. Many might think that it can be a scam but so far there are many reviews testify their reliability. There are a few good sites providing such services such as InfinityBuxVenitoNeoBux, AlertPay, NeoPTC and etc.

The Differences Between Nuffnang & PTC Ads

Clean & Clear
Whats the differences between these PTC sites and Nuffnang that I'm using now? Nuffnang is basically an online blog advertising community that is focused in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Australia. In other words, Nuffnang advertises via our blogs. The thing about Nuffnang is that, they are quite strict about the location of their ads and they only allow 3 locations: top banner, side bar banner and banner between posts. No duplication is allowed. Standardization and cleanliness: thats why I'm using Nuffnang.

Unorganized & Messy
Unlike Nuffnang, other PTC sites advertisements can be placed everywhere in your blog. You can place it anywhere, everywhere as long as you have the space to do so. Good thing is that, you're increasing your chances of getting the readers click on your ads. The bad thing is that, untidiness! Some money-driven bloggers tend to place their ads everywhere and ended up making his/her blog looks like an advertisement page rather than a blog.

My Recommendation
AlertPay and NeoBux and InfinityBux are the ones that I would recommend if you want to try out some PTC services. Reason: these PTC services are easier to use compared with others and it is not against Nuffnang's policy.

1. NeoBux
How does NeoBux works? Its basically very easy. After you register and login to NeoBux, you're given two to four ads everyday and you are allowed to view the ads. Upon viewing, you need to let it load for at least 30 seconds before the money is credited into your account. Note that only one advertisement at once. After you view the first advertisement for 30 seconds, then only you are allowed to view the next advertisement. For that, you get $0.01 per view of advertisement. NeoBux also offers a referral program where you get paid $0.005 for each of your referral's click on an ad and $0.01 if you're a Golden member. Go to www.neobux.com here.

2. InfinityBux
InfinityBux works exactly the same way as NeoBux. It also has banner promotion tool that allows you to place banner in your blog or website to obtain readers' clicks. Go to www.infinitybux.com here.

3. AlertPay
AlertPay is slightly different from the other two PTC sites. AlertPay basically only provide you the promotion tool such as banners and referrer's link. According to the FAQ section of AlertPay, each time someone you refer create an AlertPay Premium or Secured account (or upgrade their personal account) and transacts at least $250.00 (sending and/or receiving) through their AlertPay account, you will recieve $5.00. When you refer more then 10 qualified friends, you will receive $10 for each referral. Go to www.alertpay.com here.

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