16 July 2010

† What The Heck? Japanese Craziness! †

There are so many weirdly funny Japanese videos available in YouTube. Seriously, what the heck? Note: if you're watching the videos below, you may pause the music on your right side of the side bar.

The New Instrument: Otomatone

Otomatone is the most annoying instrument I've ever encountered. After you watch the video above, you might think the word "otomatone" means "tone-deaf". If you wanna annoy people around you, please buy Otomatone.

10 vs 100 Soccer Match

An intense soccer match between 10 professionals and 100 students on the field. The professionals initially leading by 2-0 but the match was tied up with an equalizer of 2-2 at the middle of the match. With a tremendous pass and a heroic kick by the professional player, they won by 3-2.

Slow Mo Vids

Slow motion is an artistic effect. It gives you the effect of gorgeousness, and also to create a romantic aura. However, these do not apply in the video above.

Athletic Treadmill Contest

Cardio sport is definitely good for your health. If you force yourself to run, your stamina improves, your muscle builds up, your heart pumps efficiently, your blood circulates better. However if you failed to do so, you're gonna be punished...

Pac Man Brings You Paccooman

Pac Man A wasn't happy about the unfairness in the game of Pac Man B. The monsters seemed to avoid Pac Man B but they attacked aggressively whenever Pac Man A stepped into the game.

Green Tea Commercial

To the top for the best! Drink green tea~ A cute funny green tea commercial being used in Thailand television.

Machine Girl... Are You Serious?

What kind of trailer is this?

Pantyhose Ugliness

No matter how pretty you are. Once your face got into a pantyhose, its distorted.


  1. japanese is always with their crazy ideas =P

  2. Very entertaining videos haha. Thoroughly enjoyed :)

    Cute caterpillars :P