25 August 2010

† What Does Chibi Means †

When I was checking what are the popular keywords that lead the readers into my blog via Nuffnang, the word 'chibi' caught my attention because it was the top 5 words being searched in Google and lead into my blog post. So what does 'chibi' means?

Chibi (ちび in Japanese) is a Japanese word meaning 'short' or 'little' and this word is very popular among the manga or anime fans. Chibi is also considered a style of drawing a character with distinguishable patterns such as big head, big eyes, short limbs and small body. When a cartoon character has been 'chibi-tized', it will always look cute even if it was super scary or super uninteresting in its original form.


Devil Jin taken from a popular game known as Tekken. It may look scary in its original form but once chibi-tized, its too cute to be killed by the opponent.

L from Death Note, a dull looking character often behaves in a weird manner. When it is converted into a chibi version, it looks awesomely cheerful.

Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children is a well-known villain of all time. His cool appearance has made him being idolized by many fans. The chibi version of Sephiroth surprisingly look cute and I think many female fans are crazy over the chibi rather than the original Sephiroth.

Ulquiorra is a popular villain taken from the cartoon Bleach. Cool and often refuse to spend much time talking, Ulquiorra has become one of the best villain being voted in Bleach by the fans. As expected, the chibi version of Ulquiorra overtakes the original one.

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  1. oh i see. now i know what chibi means.. haha =)