14 July 2010

† TiK ToK by Versecity †

Versecity is a band formed in year 2008 and the band members consist of Micah Walker, Marcus Edwards III, Daniel Rascoe, Jared Kindel and Nelson Baradat from Houston. Versecity performs a number of catchy songs and one of the best recordings is gotta be TiK ToK.

TiK ToK is the debut single by Kesha. It was released in year 2009 and it scored the biggest single-week sum of all time for a female artist selling 610,000 digital downloads in one week. As in June 2010 (according to Wikipedia) the single had sold 4.9 million downloads in the United States alone. Kesha's TiK ToK has been played in many radio stations for weeks and in fact this song is one of the most favorite clubbing songs for many clubs and cafe.

Versecity has done a great job performing an alternative rock version of Kesha's TiK ToK. I heard this version being played in the radio when I was doing my shopping in Cotton On Mid Valley last week and I never knew there's such version exists.

I've finally put my search into an end when I found Versecity's YouTube profile and I think you should take a glance at the video of them doing the recording. It was totally owning! Micah's powerful voice, Dan's solid drum beats, Marcus and Nelson's guitar playing plus Jared's bass along with the background singers made the song sound even more energetic than Kesha's version. Click here to listen and download TiK ToK by Versecity.

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