10 July 2010

Predator 1987 vs Predators 2010

Predator 1987 vs Predators 2010, how does the new version compare with the original version? The 1987 original has become a modern classic regarded as an ultra-tough action film, led by the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger.


I still remember how my dad first introduced me to this movie back in 1990 when I was 6 years old. I wasn't that interested with army war type of show and I still remember my attention was totally off the television when I see Arnold acted as Dutch, the commander of an elite force, holding his gun shooting at the terrorists in the jungle.

The strange thing was that, there were so many infrared heat sensor scenes being showed in the movie and I don't understand what on Earth this heat sensor things got to do with the whole stories.

Here comes the fun part: Dutch and his crew was ambushed by an outer space, high-tech, laser-equipped and invisible alien known as the predator. This thing can not only turn camouflage like a chameleon, it can also attacks human with all its super high tech weapons, as well as seeing human via its heat sensing visor.

"If it bleeds, we can kill it..." A memorable quote by Dutch. Well said, Dutch found a way to hide his body heat from the predator and his new aim was to kill the predator instead of escaping.

The truth under the mask: You're one ugly motha farka. I can never expect a godlike predator has such distorted face. Well then, nothing is perfect.


In Predators 2010, the storyline is rather more confusing and its not as simple straight forward as the previous one.

In the new version, the heroes are not as tough as the previous one especially the team leader, Royce acted by Adrien Brody. The one and only remarkable thing about him is that, this guy is faster than the old bulky Dutch.

I guess if the producer just wanna copy the previous script, it would be firstly, too boring to watch a same script twice and secondly, the original one was too good especially when it is acted by Arnold. Thus, to make the whole new movie looks good and unique, the whole hunting progress takes place in an unknown alien planet.

Well, what I guess was right: Writer/producer Robert Rodriguez admitted that "we can't compete with Arnold, so its much better to go another direction to do something unexpected". In my opinion, Predators 2010 is considered 'not bad' but of course, most people watch this movie simply because of the original one. If you haven't watch the original Predator 1987, I think its time that you should go grab one DVD or you can download the movie from here via torrent.

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    What a Movie it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wow
    Predators!!!!!! First of all Hats off to Director Nimród Antal ..Ya what a Marvelous Movie...Good...I watched the trailer in here http://www.mtjunkie.org/predators-2010-07-08 After watching the Trailer i saw the Movie in theater....Ya the Graphics played a Big Role...But we can't say simply it's Graphics...Because it's like real...Like that they Created the Characters,Imagination and Technology Played a Vital role in the movie...