04 June 2010

† Krabi It Gotta Be †

Krabi has been luring tourists relentlessly for decades. The reason that I plan my trip to Krabi is because I manage to get a cheap flight ticket via AirAsia.

Place To Stay

There's no problem looking for places to stay because Krabi is a hot spot for tourism and it is so commercialized that you can find hotels, motels and inns anytime you want to. Thanks to Chris who help us to book Aonang Paradise with a cheap price. A plus point to be given to this hotel because they will arrange a transport to fetch you from / to the airport with a cheap price.

Thing To Do

When you talk about Thailand, you talk about massage. You can get a very good Thai massage, head and shoulder massage, foot massage and facial massage with a very cheap price in Krabi. A Thai massage for example only cost 25 baht per hour. That's me and my girlfriend in the photo.

If you're weak in sport or can't stand heat, you better don't go for kayaking. Its a very tough activity to do especially under the sun. Sun burnt and myalgia (I mean muscle ache) are common. Each pair of us will be given a boat and a pair of paddles. Behind Ash and Lily, thats Jeff, Siew Ling and Chris.

Toot toot is the main transporting vehicle in Krabi like any other places found in Thailand. I find toot toot in Krabi is more interesting because firstly, they are colorful and secondly, each of these toot toot will have their own power speaker and they play modern hip-hop songs when they travel around. It costs 40 baht per ride per persion. Of course you can bargain for a cheaper price if you have a big group traveling together. Thats Eric and Venny in the picture.

Just like Redang Island of Terengganu, snorkeling is something you mustn't miss in Krabi. Snorkeling is included in the package of island hopping. Each package may cost different depending on which island you're going to. Phi Phi Island may be slightly more expensive than others and it costs approximately 1400 baht per person.

Elephant sanctuary wasn't part of our main activity but the package that we've chosen includes it.

Riding an elephant can be quite scary because these elephants do not have suspension and thus it can be quite shaky. That's Hsio Ling and Kiat Seng in the picture. Hsio Ling was quite tension nervous about riding an elephant. "I'm scared because elephants are unpredictable. I don't know what it'll do to us", says Hsio Ling.

Motor-vehicles need petrol and elephants need fruits. After each ride, you'll be given a chance to feed your elephant. Don't forget to shake its hand and praise it for its good work. Thats Zen and Vivian in the picture.

This is a wonderful photo of Alvin giving the elephant a good bath captured by Jess. If you want to, you can request from the tour guide to shower the elephant with water hose. An elephant will never say no to shower.

Be careful when you walk around in the elephant sanctuary. These highly fibrous bombs are all around the ground. As you're riding the elephants, you can always hear them burping and farting. You can even see them shits around.

Things To Eat

Seafood and Thai food are a must to eat. But I'm gonna concentrate in the fun food to eat in Krabi. First of all, you gotta try its pancake. There are a few flavors you can find there such as chocolate, bananas, peanuts, apples and etc...

Interestingly, Pocky can be found in Krabi but not in Malaysia. Malaysia's version is called Rocky and its an imitation of Pocky.

Chang beer and Singha beer are the local beer brand. Its a must to try. Personally, I love Singha more than Chang because it tastes smoother. If I'm not mistaken, they're only 45 baht each.

Other than the local phad thai, the small stalls that you can find by the road side sell a huge variety of food. What Jess is holding in the photo is one of my favorite food: the simple but delicious roast chicken that cost 20 baht.

What To Wear

Make sure its short and light. Krabi is extremely humid and stuffy. Thus, a short pant and shirt will be sufficient.

Beach wear is definitely needed. Bikini, sun glasses, singlet, hat and short pants are the most suitable gear to wear for the girls.

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