16 May 2010

† How To Train Your Dragon: Music Review †

You can call me a 'caveman' or a 'frog under the coconut shell' and the truth is that, this is the first time I come across John Powell's name. I didn't know his popularity as a film score composer is equally famous as Hans Zimmer and Harry Gregson Williams. In fact I'm so impressed with the music he has composed in the animated movie 'How To Train Your Dragon'. This soundtrack is available through Varèse Sarabande Records.
01.This Is Berk (04:12)
02.Dragon Battle (01:55)
03.The Downed Dragon (04:16)
04.Dragon Training (03:10)
05.Wounded (01:25)
06.The Dragon Book (02:22)
07.Focus, Hiccup! (02:05)
08.Forbidden Friendship (04:10)
09.New Tail (02:47)
10.See You Tomorrow (03:52)
11.Test Drive (02:35)
12.Not So Fireproof (01:11)
13.This Time For Sure (00:47)
14.Astrid Goes For A Spin (00:45)
15.Romantic Flight (01:55)
16.Dragon’s Den (02:28)
17.The Cove (01:10)
18.The Kill Ring (04:27)
19.Ready The Ships (05:13)
20.Battling The Green Death (06:18)
21.Counter Attack (03:02)
22.Where’s Hiccup? (02:43)
23.Coming Back Around (02:49)
24.Sticks & Stones (04:08)
25.The Vikings Have Their Tea (02:04)
In case you have the OST CD, these are the two songs that I recommend you not to miss: track 11 and track 23. I absolutely love the strong melodies and consistently reoccurring themes that Powell uses especially his variations and the way he strips them down and builds them back up (with bag pipes in this case).

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