08 April 2010

† Don't Stop Believing: Journey vs Glee †

"Don't Stop Believing" is a recently popular song sang by the Glee casts. This song has been played over and over again especially in Malaysia's English radio station such as Red FM and Hitz FM. Click here to listen and download Glee's Don't Stop Believing.

Glee is an American musical comedy drama focused on a high school glee club known as the 'New Directions'. The song appears in the first episode of the drama and I believe this song is the center of attraction in the drama.

Glee casts really did a great job in singing this song especially the acapella intro. Great song great drama however most people might not realize that this is not the original version.

The original version of "Don't Stop Believing" is sang by the classic American Rock band known as Journey back in 1981. If you ever heard of the original version, you'll definitely feel that this song is really powerful and moving. Click here to listen and download Journey's Don't Stop Believing.

For those who are saying things like "Journey would kill Glee" or "If you like this, you have no taste in music," you guys are totally wrong. First of all, Journey has licensed this song to the TV company for use in Glee. It is obviously a great way to reintroduce classical song to the young audience.

In case you don't know, this song did appeared in Adam Sandler's Bedtime Stories as well. If you don't believe it, you gotta watch it here on YouTube.

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