08 February 2010

† Facebook Castle Age †

This is the best Facebook game I've ever played. I'm not really a Facebook games fan but my friend Dr Cheah introduced me to this game: Castle Age, and guess what? I'm totally hooked onto this game for now.

The first thing about this game that caught my eye sight was its art work. The producers of Castle Age really spent their time in developing the game.

Just like any other Facebook RPG games, you will need to gain your experiences and golds via accomplishing the quests given. However, different quests may require different heroes. So whats the 'heroes' about?

The difference about this game is that, players can get to choose their heroes and each of these heroes will have different properties in benefiting your team. For example, some heroes will increase the team's defense while some heroes can increase the hourly income.

As for the items, the artworks are really awesome and it makes them look so attractive.

The best thing about Castle Age is that, players tend to face a number of seriously hard-to-defeat bosses. In order to accomplish the mission, some times the players have to shout for help and this is the time where the friends from all over the Facebook will come and help.

Castle Age is really fun and I think the producers of this game did a good job. To try out the game, click here.

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