18 January 2010

† Places To Visit In Monaco †

Monaco is such a tiny place that it can be covered completely in a day, no joke. Usually, the reason people visit Monaco are not for its scenery or food but its reputation that has been amplified by the very famous Casino de Monte Carlo, and the famous annual Grand Prix F1 race.

Monaco is the second smallest independent state in the world after Vatican City. The city is located and being surrounded by mountains and hills, which makes it look very gorgeous.

This is another shot taken by me: a modern shopping street along with a magnificently huge mountain behind the city. It makes a great view of scenery.

With two major harbors filled with huge yachts and surrounded by many sophisticated shopping malls and multiple-stars hotels, Monaco can be said to be a rich man playground.

Although I'm not so crazy over such open displays of wealth and high class lifestyle, but it was still entertaining to spend a day walking around looking at all the luxurious cars parked around the town and women walking around with their fashionable dresses.

Most sceneries and things that you can enjoy seeing are mostly modern objects such as fancy buildings as shown above.

The architecture and design of the city is something that we should appreciate as well. Making roads across the rocks and hills seem to be a difficult task after all. However, the photo above shows how well organized the city can be.

Enough of introduction and here comes the most important part of this blog post. There are a few places worth visiting at least once if you're planning to visit Monaco.


First of all, Cathedral de Monaco: a magnificent cathedral, built in 1875, is the final resting place of Princess Grace of Monaco. The cathedral is located just next to the Monaco palace on top of the hill.

This is the magnificent view that you can see from the top of the hill of Monaco palace, showing one of the main harbors and the very compacted city.


Just like Las Vegas, Grand Casino de Monaco is the main entertainment and the center of attraction of Monaco. In addition to the Casino, you will also see the elegant and internationally renowned Hotel de Paris just next to the casino building.

From the left, we have Wai Hong, Alvin, Kiat Seng, Me, Eric, Chee Wai, Yue Loong, Chris and Bobby. Were we getting ready to gamble off our Euros? Of course not!


Another of the famous places to visit in Monaco, is the Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium. In the museum you will find interesting world of marine lives and plants. Specimens of a variety of sea-creatures are also found on display such as all kinds of skeletons and most interestingly, the world first ever invented submarine.


This is a plant market very near to Jardin Exotique. Jardin Exotique is a beautiful tropical gardens surrounding the Observatory Cave, featuring weird rock formations. Other than weird rocks, you can see all kind of roses and cactus as well. Perhaps thats the reason it is known as the 'Exotic Garden'.

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