07 January 2010

† My Favourite Fighting Scenes †

When you ask somebody whats the best fight scene they've ever seen, they'll definitely bring up a great one they've seen recently or a really strong memory from childhood with the longevity to stand out today. There's a lot of fighting scenes I've seen and the following URLs and pictures are those that I loved the most.

A brutal fight between spiderman and the green goblin in Spiderman the movie. In the fighting scene, spiderman was badly punched and kicked by the green goblin but the power of love brought spiderman back to life and won the game.

Stephen Chow's Kungfu Hustle has several nice watching fighting scenes but personally I like this part the most. The video shows 2 blind assassins trying to kill other martial artists using their unique deadly art.

Chocolate, also known as Fury is a Thai action fighting movie produced in year 2008. I was surprised to see a sweet looking girl will have such amazing stances of kicking and punching. To be honest, I didn't think the storyline of this movie was attractive but I really enjoy seeing Jeeja Yanin's fighting scenes.

This is one of the most classic anime I've ever watched at the age of 12 (1996), Street Fighter 2Animated Movie. The fighting scene of Ryu and Ken versus Vega was truly amazing. It doesn't matter how powerful you have become, no one is invincible. Vega forgot this concept and he was beaten unexpectedly in the movie.

I believe everyone recognizes this scene. Its the scene of Neo fighting army of agent Smith inMatrix Reloaded. I still remember the moment when I see so many agent Smith appeared and I got so excited, thinking how Neo's going to fight them.The fight lasted almost 8 minutes and I think Neo was seriously exhausted. If you don't believe it, try to watch the fighting scene again and you will really feel Neo's tiredness.

Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children final battle between Cloud Strife and Sephiroth along with the great music 'One Winged Angel' performed by the Black Mages was a hot topic to talk about when the movie was first released few years ago. Its been almost 3 years but the fighting scene still deeply crafted in my memory.

Finally, my most favourite fighting scene came from Yip Man the movie. In the fighting scene Yip Man alone using his Wing Chun martial art fought against 10 karate Japaneses. I guess no explanation is needed after you've watched this video.

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