27 January 2010

† Kizuna By Orange Range †

Orange Range was first introduced to me in year 2007 by my friend Alvin who is a full time Jap culture fan. Orange Range (オレンジレンジ, pronounce as Orenji Renji) is a 5 member Japanese alternative rock back originated from Okinawa. Most of their band members are childhood friends and the members consist of Hokama Hiroki (mid vocal), Miyamori Ryo (low vocal), Ganeko Yamato (high vocal), Hiroyama Naoto (guitarist), Miyamori Yoh (bassist) and Kitao Kazuhito (drummer).

Although Orange Range is not a band consist of a group handsome or muscular tall guys and in fact some of the comments that I've found in the YouTube videos criticized that they are a bunch of ugly dudes, but there's no doubt that their music is good.

If you're a fan of Bleach the animation, I bet you're familiar with Orange Range because the intro song of the first season was sang by Orange Range, titled 'Asterisk'.

Song recommendation as usual? Yea, here's a song that I would like to recommend. My all time favorite song of Orange Range is always gonna be 'Kizuna' (listen and download here). Their songs are mostly hip hop and rock, but this particular song is so different from the others. If your ears are sensitive enough, you'll realize that there's 'er-hu' being used in this song and I think that's very creative and lovely. Most of you might laugh when Ganeko the high vocal sings because he looks pretty funny in the music video.

Never judge a band by their look. Their quality is determined by the music they produced and Orange Range is the best example.

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