13 January 2010

† Depapepe The Acoustic Guitar Duo †

If you're a guitar lover, I'm sure you gonna love this Japanese acoustic guitar musical duo of Takuya Miura and Yoshinari Takuoka. The name of the band is 'Depapepe' (デパペペ) and the duo was formed in year 2002. They became popular starting the year 2004 when their talents were noticed by the fan via a few albums they've performed.

Most of their songs are really good and expressive especially in a few singles that they've performed. One of the best songs that I love very much is Summer Parade. The song Summer Parade (watch the video here) is filled with the mood of vacation and summer. Takuya and Yoshinari really did a great job in playing this song with their combination of guitar strumming and plucking.

The MP3 version of this song has been uploaded by me here at Aimini. Enjoy!

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