27 December 2009

† The Rise Of Padini †

Padini may sound Italian but it is actually not. It is a homegrown company brand operating under the Padini Holdings, which has a mission to be the best fashion company (in Malaysia? in the whole world?). Padini sells ladies shoes, accessories, children’s garments, maternity wear and other fashion products and clothing and the co-brands including Vincci, Padini Authentic, P&Co, PDI, Seed and etc.

The stock market of Padini has been doing very well for year 2009 and as you can see from OSK's chart, the stock values keep rising at the very beginning of year 2009.

1 year of indicator may not be sufficient although it is showing a bull trend.

As for a 5-year view of Padini's growth in volume, we can see its doing pretty well.

I'm not pretty good in analyzing all the values but the 2008 reported annual earnings was 0.32 per share for a total of 384.6M which sound quite promising.

Will Padini continue growing in the coming year? We're not pretty sure because some experts claimed that every rise will definitely have a fall. However, I'm pretty sure that Padini will be able to do well in future.

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