21 December 2009

† Jesus & Terminator: The Best Story Ever Told †

"For unto us a child is born..." Year 0000 Bethlehem, Jesus, the son of God was sent to earth to cleanse the sins of human, and to die for mankind.

This is a creative and funny short video clip (movie trailer by MadTV) about the Terminator trying to save Jesus from being crucified.

In the video clip, you can see how the Terminator talk to the three wise men and Jesus, killing the soldiers and Judas like nobody's business. One of my favourite part is when Jesus trying to convince the terminator not to kill people.

Jesus: You cannot go around killing people!
Terminator: Why?
Jesus: Because its one of God's commandment, thou shalt not kill.
Terminator: Why?
Jesus: Because its a sin.
Terminator: Why?
Jesus: Because its not nice.
Terminator: Why?
Jesus: .... Forgive him Father, he's a robot from the future.
Terminator: ??? *Looking at the sky, trying to figure out who Jesus talking to*

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