06 December 2009

† Food Hunting In Kuantan: Tom Yam Fried Rice †

Its been a tiring weekend after 2 days of methadone on-call and I've fully utilized the very last of all my energy in today's 2-hours-non-stop badminton game. Of course it is necessary to reward my with some good food. So me along with Jason, Quek and his girlfriend Kheng Ying went to this Thai food restaurant for our dinner.

This little restaurant with the name 'Aanine', located next to Medan Selera food court in Taman Sri Kuantan (Kuantan Garden). Surprisingly many Kuantan people do not notice the existance of this small little restaurant.

Both the owner and the chef of this premise are Thai and no wonder the food here are full of Thai-sensation. I've been to this shop a few times but the food that I order most frequently is the simple looking Thai Tom Yam fried rice shown above.

Personally I love the Tom Yam fried rice the most and I guess this has influenced Jason a little bit, making him craved for the fried rice for the past few weeks.

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