27 December 2009

† Customizing A New Year Scrapbook Planner †

It is pretty simple to make your own scrapbook planner and it can be a meaningful gift to someone you care about. Collecting the sources to customize your own planner can be difficult but imagining how your planner going to be like is even harder. Its gonna be pretty simple to make your own planner by referring to the steps shown below.

How To Make A New Year Scrapbook Planner:
STEP 1: Collect some unwanted box. These are good to be used as the hard cover of your planner.

STEP 2: Measure and cut the box to make the front and back cover of the planner, make sure it fits the size of A4 papers.

STEP 3: Wrap the box pieces with any nice color papers.

STEP 4: Design your planner hard cover with your imagination.

STEP 5: Get a stack of A4 papers and design their contents. The contents may include monthly calendar, notes or some interesting cards.

STEP 6: Punch some holes across the hard cover and the A4 papers.

STEP 7: Circled rings can be used to bind the hard covers and A4 papers together.

STEP 8: Design and decorate the pages using your creativity and imagination.

STEP 9: Decorate the side of your planner can make your planner look lovely.

STEP 10: Completion. Taa daa... Here we have a planner.

Add-on For Your Planner:
If you're making a planner for someone as a Christmas gift, perhaps a handmade pop up Christmas card may be lovely. (Source: Robert Sabuda's Christmas Card)

This is my version of pop up Christmas card. With the additional white color paper on the Christmas tree, it gives the tree a snowy appearance.

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