02 December 2009

† 25th Anniversary Studio Ghibli Concert †

What a joyful moment. I've managed to buy Studio Ghibli's 25th Anniversary Concert DVD at the price of RM29.90! On top of that, it comes with a free soundtrack CD.

The whole event consist of Joe Hisaishi, the composer as well as the arranger for the music of that night’s concert. Other that conducting the orchestra, Joe also performed the piano solos.

There are many lovely songs found in the DVD including my favourite soundtracks from 'Naustica of the Valley of the Wind', 'Howl's Moving Castle', 'Spirited Away' and 'Princes Mononoke'.

DVD Screen Captures
Joe Hisaishi really did a great job in the concert. He managed to put all the well known pieces into a finely tuned medley.

Ayaka Hirahara was there performing 'Summer Day' taken from the recent popular 'Spirited Away'.

The concert was brilliant and the music performed were almost 99% similar to that of studio version. Even if I don't listen to it everyday, I still think it'll be a great album to keep and collect.

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