21 November 2009

† Google Calender: Colors & Events †

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, Google Calendar has become my essential daily online planner. It is indeed my important secretary reminding all the things that I need to remember.

The picture above shows my previous version of calender. The daily events are all green in color and personally I think it looks extremely unattractive.

Here's something I've tried out to make your personal calender looks more lively. Simply categorize your events into different group according to colors may be very useful. So how do we go about it?

First of all, you need to create a category simply by clicking on the 'create' word at the '1' shown above. What you need to do next is of course name your desired category and finally click on 'create' calender.

When a category is generated, it will appear at the very left side of your screen. Colors can be selected from a list of colors as shown above.

Finally, you can create your event and choose which group the event should be categorized. As an example of my calender, green color is for the use of my pharmacy courier such as on-call, extended services, reports and etc. Blue color indicates my personal daily events. Purple is my expenditure while pink color is used as the birthday reminder.

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