16 November 2009

† Futurama: Bender's Game †

I bet everyone knows Futurama. I've always been a Futurama fan and I enjoy watching every single episodes of Futurama in the past. A few of the worth watching classic episodes were 'Roswell That Ends Well', 'Iron Chef', 'Big Piece of Garbage' and etc.

Recently I've finished watching 'Futurama - Bender's Game', one of the new long episodes produced in late year 2008. The author of this episode is of course, always the full time Simpsons and Futurama author Matt Groening.

This animated movie features Bender the robot, who has always been a friend to the human race, even if he won't admit it as many people who follow previous episodes of Futurama. However, he still takes great pride in believing that he's better than everyone on the planet.

In this particular episode, Bender's pride was in danger when he feared that he can't have the imaginative ability like human. As Bender joined the kids playing Dungeons & Dragons, his ability of imagination expanded and eventually his brain waves were amplified...

... by some 'chrono-quantum physic' kind of wave emission emitted from a crystal that it eventually affected Fry and the others, pulling them into Bender's world of imaginary. In the other world of imaginary, Bender was a noble knight named Titanus. And interestingly, Fry was named Frydo (Frodo?) while Leila was named Leigola (Legolas?).

In fact, plenty of the imaginary world storyline mimics Lord of the Rings Trilogy, but of course, Matt Groening has twisted it in a funny manner. As an example of one of the typical Matt's jokes found in this movie: "Fear not Titanus for we still have one hope! The Cave of Hopelessness!"

Well, I wouldn't say this is a great show but I'm sure many Futurama fans enjoy how Matt Groening create ridiculous in the episodes of Futurama, but I would recommend this show to those who love to watch silly show just for the sake of some inside jokes.

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