03 November 2009

† Buffered & Metered Earning In Nuffnang? †

Everyone has always been talking about making money online via Nuffnang and out of curiosity, I've finally tried it out last month. The concept is pretty simple: update your blog, and Nuffnang will try to get different companies to place their advertisements (ads) in your blog. Thats where your income comes in.

I'm using Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome but strangely I couldn't view my own ads for both Nuffnang and Google Adsense even until now. I thought I've pasted the wrong html code but apparently I was firmly reassured by the Nuffnang help-desk crew that there's no problem about it. So what I would do is to wait patiently.

Few weeks later when I take a glance at my Nuffnang page under the section 'Earnings', I've got a shock to see these ads shown on my page and surprisingly, 60% of my blog's readers per week are Americans. The question is, whats 'buffered' and 'metered' earnings? From my point of view, 'buffered' earning might be a trial kind of ads-placement in your blog before the companies officially launch their ads on your blog which is later to be measured in the 'metered' earning. Its pretty important to monitor the blog that they are going to place their ads into and I guess that is why they are doing such double-layered monitoring.

No doubt it would be quite impossible for a 'blog-for-fun' kind of blogger like me to earn huge money via Nuffnang, but still, it is always better than none. Thanks to Nuffnang and most importantly, all the readers (yes I mean you) who support my blog.

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