09 November 2009

† Bon Voyage Mr Leong Weng Choy †

This is a special dinner organized by Cheau Huey in order to celebrate Mr. Leong Weng Choy, our very senior pharmacist in Hospital Kuantan (HTAA) whose going over to Sabah in response to his U52 promotion.

Mr. Leong has always been a very hardworking pharmacist in our hospital. Gentle, stoic, serious and discipline are words best to describe his personality.

A number of us attended Mr. Leong's farewell dinner. Those who attended Mr. Leong and his family members, HTAA pharmacists including Mr. Zakhi, Pn. Mahani, Pn. Rohaya, Chee Meng, Khien Yung, Wei Siang, Pek Leng, Jia Yi, Boon Peow, Kit Yeng, Shal Ling, Laj, Michelle, Huey San and Ain.

As it is shown in the photos above, everyone is paying their full attention to Mr. Leong not only because they respect Mr. Leong, most importantly also because Mr. Leong speaks extremely soft all the time. Any exogenous input of voice will have the tendency of making Mr. Leong's voice becoming unheard.

This is a limited edition of Mr. Leong with his 'V' sign. On the right is his son laughing at his father. Its sad to know that Mr. Leong is going to leave us but we do feel happy for his U52 promotion. Therefore, we would like to wish Mr. Leong all the best working in Sabah and take care always!

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