08 October 2009

† Whisper Of The Heart: Country Road †

This is a Studio Ghibli's classical production from the master film maker Hayao Miyazaki, the director of the Academy Award winning "Spirited Away" and also the well-known "Howl's Moving Castle".

This cartoon film is titled "Whisper of the Heart" and was created in year 1989. Looking back at the film, it really touches my heart especially the duet where Shizuku sings while Seiji plays his violin.

Keat's advice: Its better to pause the background music if you're planning to watch the video below.

Seiji & Shizuku's Duet

Shizuku seems a little bit stiffed initially but she sings better once her voice has warmed up. The whole song become so attractive when Seiji's grandpa and friends join them in the singing by playing with their own instruments. If the video is not working, you can try the YouTube version here.

Hayao Miyazaki is truly a good film maker and I think it is worth keeping every single piece of his production.

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