25 October 2009

† A Pet-Friendly Home †

Many pet owners would love to keep their pets in the house but are those pets happy to be kept in the house? Or rather these pets would prefer to stay outside and have their own freedom and living spaces? Better Homes & Gardens and Asahi Kasei have provided some creative and innovative ideas of designing comfortable living spaces for indoor pets.

The resting area is designed in such way that it greatly reduces the traffic flow in the house. The pets will automatically move to the corner of the house enjoying their personal sleeping cushion.

Food store, is designed in the form of drawer so that the drawer can store a bulk whole of pet food.

This feeding drawer is an interesting design where the pet food can be placed inside the drawer and prevent the messy pet food to be exposed outside.

Another feeding drawer for the pets. Can be easy to manage and when the pets are done, just slide the drawer back.

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