26 October 2009

† Naked Wood: Natural Trend of iPod Gadget? †

It seems that an organic new trend has becoming more and more popular among the electronic gadgets nowadays. Earlier you've seen the Bamboo Asus Laptop, and now here we have a few interesting designs of wooden iPod and iPhone gadgets I've found from Etsy.

Of course when we think of gadget, we'll often think of high-tech shiny metal, aluminum, and definitely not wood. Maybe this is one of the reasons that wooden gadgets start to pop-up everywhere.

Its similar to the concept of 'soft-toys ain't cute' by Mori Chack. Since everyone think that gadgets are made of metal, so here we have a wooden gadget for everyone.

These wood logs may look simple and decent but they are in fact quite expensive. These docks may cost range from $60 to $100.

Such design is truly eye-soothing and I think this trend goes well with the green movement. Most importantly, such wooden gadget design has provided an expression of the beauty of the nature.

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