22 October 2009

† Musically Impressive: Nodame Cantabile Anime †

Nodame Cantabile is truly a worth watching anime associated with classical music. I've watched this anime for at least twice and I never get bored of it. The drawing is not as good as many other animes, but the storyline is in fact heart-touching and most importantly, the author really knows a lot about classical music which I really much appreciated.

This is a hilarious animated comedy love story between a handsome-good looking guy who came from a musically talented family and has been selected to be the conductor of the orchestra named Shinichi Chiaki and a kiddie-looking lady with no habits, who can't cook at all, live in a forever messy room and doesn't shower for days named Megumi Noda, a.k.a Nodame.

This is one of the scenes showing how messy Nodame's room can be. Chiaki was one of the the first to see such 'God-like' dirtiness with his own eyes when he first met Nodame.

Even under such messy and dirty environment, Nodame still enjoys every moment of her piano playing.

The romance between Chiaki and Nodame is really funny. There are a few parts where Nodame trying hard to impress Chiaki by making many attempts such as baking cake or preparing bento for Chiaki but ended up got scolded by Chiaki.

For example, Nodame trying to attract Chiaki through making up but her make up skill was so bad that she ended up looked like a Japanese ghost.

The most important element presence is the classical music. There are so many classical music pieces being performed by the music orchestra in this anime and some of these pieces are really popular. Other than orchestra pieces, piano pieces are also frequently played in the anime.

My dad has always been a classical music fan since young and he often listen to many classical music when he's resting at home. A rock music person like me would never take the initiative to learn about classical music but the tune of those music has been crafted into my memory. That is why every time when I watch this anime, I tend to give "Ohhhh!! So this is the song!!!" or "I see!! So Mozart was the composer!!!" kind of shout outs.

Many funny scenes can be seen in the anime. What is shown in the picture above is my favourite: the violinists trying to be stylish by doing such move but they ended up got scolded by Chiaki.

This anime is truly worth watching as it teaches many people to appreciate classical music. But most important of all, it provides knowledge about classical music as well as remembrance of many talented musicians from the past.

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