31 October 2009

† Joy of Halloween Party In Glasgow †

31st October... Its Halloween again where supernatural and spooky stuffs are in fashion. I'm sure many youngsters in the western countries are celebrating Halloween by attending costume parties.

I still remember years ago, I've attended a Halloween party when I was studying in Glasgow and it was totally awesome.

Searching for costumes, masks and make-ups really tested one's creativity. Here we have Royiez and Zin showing off their masks.

There were too many monsters disguised by my university friends and I only publish a few interesting ones here.

On the left, we have Zin who disguised as the "Dark Orgre Magi" while on the right, Ash disguised himself as the "3-Eyed Bahamoth Witch", holding his sphere of fate and a turbo broom that provides a maximum traveling speed of 15km/hour.

The left photo shows Tong, the "Desperado Gay Devil". His cute little wing has made him filled up with adequate amount of gayness. As on the right, thats "Count Christo Lucipher" by Christopher. I wonder how Christopher could stand inserting such big vampire teeth in his mouth the whole night.

"Casper and Friends Duo" by IzaacRio and Royiez were really funny. Because of their last minute decision on selecting which monster character to disguise as, they ended up choosing this casper mask plus a lab coat in a rush.

And thats me, disguised as an "Asian Vampire". I still remember I've used up so much of the Gatsby wax to set my hair up and I ended up had a hard time washing off the wax from my hair.

Halloween party was totally awesome where we get to express our creativity. Of course the most important thing about it was that we get to party together in a big group because we rarely find the chance to do so.

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