13 October 2009

† Intimacy Candy: Firma's 18+ Lollipop †

This is a concept by Firma, a Moscowbased creative firm operated under the conceptual influence of China. There alot of creative products being designed under the firm and one of the product that catches my attention is the Intimacy 18+ candy.

The 18+ Lollipop is specially made with the intimacy concept for adult boys and girls. With the new funky, audacious and intimate design, the three newly design 18+ lollipops are given sensual names such as BDSM, Fetish and Toys. These designs truly represent the shape of each corresponding lollipop.

So this lollipop is given the name "BDSM". In case you don't know, BDSM means Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism.

This lollipop is known "Toys" and it represents sex toys of the adult world.

And finally, "Fetish", which mean an object worshipped for its supposed magical power but it also means a form of sexual desire in which saticfaction is focused adnormally on an object, or part of the body.

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