04 October 2009

† Exotic Pets In KL & East Coast Region †

Brian has always been in loved with exotic pets such as pythons, lizards, spiders, etc... Selling hardcore pets is now Brian's part time job and he covers Kuala Lumpur as well as East Coast region (Kuantan, Terengganu and Kelantan).

I visited Brian's shop recently and the first thing that caught my attention was these two reptiles. They were roughly 50cm in length and interestingly they have small spikes on their body. I didn't dare to touch it but another friend of mine did it.

They may look like dinosaurs but they eat and chew like a lizard. Earth worm is their favourite food and I guess Brian has to feed 5 - 6 worms to them per meal.

Snakes are commonly seen in Brian's shop and personally I think I got a little bit freaked out by the snakes.

So here we have Brian's favourite. According to him, a python's cost range is really huge. It may cost from RM400 up to a six-digit range depends on the species, as well as the age.

Brian holding his python but the python was camera shy I guess and it curled up.

So here's the closer view of his python. I actually couldn't believe that I've touched it with my own hand because that was my first time touching a real snake.

I have no idea how Brian does it, he can get you almost anything including dogs, cats, monkeys and even skunk. There was once I asked him about the giant ant eater and he say it is possible for him to get me one. Of course I wouldn't want to keep a giant ant eater in my room. So in case you're interested in purchasing these exotic pets, Brian will be more than willing to offer you a good price as well as delivery services.

Contact Brian
Handphone: +60166766663
E-mail: reptileskingdom@gmail.com

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