07 October 2009

† Best Roti Planta In Kuantan †

Roti canai is a type of flat bread found in Malaysia and is often found in 'Mamak' stalls or many Indian restaurants.

The main composition of roti canai is flour, water and egg. These ingredients are simple but such combination will no doubt produce a great food.

Roti canai is cooked on a flat iron skillet with a lot of oil.

Sometimes instead of using oil, planta (butter) or margarine can also be used and it seriously helps in making the roti canai smells better and even makes it crispier.

So this is a small 'Mamak' stall Han Ping brought us for lunch and I would never notice the existence of such stall in Kuantan. This stall is located just next to the Fire Station near the general hospital.

What makes this stall so interesting is the roti canai especially the roti planta of its.

I've eaten many roti planta in different places (Kuala Terengganu, Kota Bharu, Johor Baru, Sri Petaling, Oversea United Garden...) but I find this stall produces the best roti planta ever.

Interestingly, there are a few versions of roti planta can be produced in this stall: roti planta with double planta, with or without sugar, non-crispy, medium crispy and super crispy. Thus if you happen to spot this stall, do have a try of its roti planta.

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