24 September 2009

† Teo Chew Food In Kuantan †

Thats my exhausted and sleepy face after a badminton game today and I had a really tough game that I think I've loss a few thousand kcal in those games I've played.

Of course under such hypoxic and hypoglycemic condition that I need to reward myself with some nice food and thus me along with William, Han Ping, Quek and Kheng Ying decided to have a Teo Chew dinner somewhere in Semambu and the restaurant is called "Zheng Kung Fu".

Well, Teo Chew food is basically simple but nice to eat. Here we have a 'man tofu'. I think the salty sauce goes well with the lack-of-taste tofu as a compensation.

This is something weird ordered by Han Ping. Erm... what do we call it.... errr... 'egg tea' if I'm not mistaken. I guess Han Ping is over excited that he beat me 21 - 20 in the final badminton single match and he decided to reward himself with this weird high protein juice.

Yuummm... this is my favourite dish: the crispy skin chicken. "Crunch!!!" This is how it sounds like when you bite the chicken.

Another high protein dish, egg with soy sauce. As usual, I'll discard the egg yolk and I only ingest the egg white.

This little bowl of soup is called piggy tummy soup, ordered by William. According to him, Klang's piggy tummy soup is 100 times better than this one. Whatever...

And finally, the dish of the day: 'honey vinegar baked chicken'. Yummy, your taste bud get to feel two distinct sweet and sour taste at your tongue at the same time and I think this dish had somehow stimulates our appetite towards the end.

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