04 September 2009

† Places To Visit In Barcelona †

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and it is recognized as a global city due to its importance in finance, commerce, international trading and tourism. As for us tourists, the most attractive things about Barcelona are the soccer club, architecture and food. However I'll emphasize more about buildings and architecture in this post.


Parc Guell, an artistic and architectural garden was one of my favorite places to spend time lingering around. If you see the two funny and cute buildings that look like candy house with icing sugar topping, that's the entrance building of Park Guell. I've tried to enter the house but the door was locked and apparently it served no purpose but just as an attraction for the tourists.

I still remember this Gaudi lizard (or perhaps dragon?) stood arrogantly in the middle of the entrance staircase and its very hard to get a personal photo with it because most of the time it will be surrounded by so many cam whoring tourists.

This is one of the unique tiles in Parc Guell build based on the design of Gaudi's art concept. So who is Gaudi by the way? Just as a summary, he's the main character behind all the architecture design of many buildings in Barcelona, as well as Parc Guell.

This twisting rock pillars can be seen in one of the sections in Parc Guell. It caught my attention because of its unique structure of design especially if you're standing behind the pillar looking at the wall, it makes you feel like you're standing in the middle of huge waves on the sea.

This is just a random posing of me and my friends standing at the pillar. From the left we have Bobby Soon, followed by Eric Cheah and Alvin Ho doing some extreme actions to pillar and then me on the right side.

Here's another rocky pillars which are slightly different from the previous pillars.


Sagrada Familia Church is truly amazing. This is the first time I've ever seen such gothic yet gorgeous church in my whole life. The whole thing just shocked me when I first spotted the church from far.

The inner part of the building is still undergoing construction and thats why it was filled with pipes and construction metals.

Certain parts were partially completed but still they were undergoing some modifications and renovations.

Some parts of the building were already completed and this view was truly wonderful. Don't you think the pillars just look like trees from this view?

The outer side of Sagrada Familia Church had the most impressive view of Gaudi's architecture. I can't stop 'wowing' looking at the crafting on the church wall.

This is one of the photos I've captured from the front side of the church. Its difficult to catch the whole picture of the church because the church is way too huge.

The only way to overcome this problem is to take a few photos of the church from different angles.

This was one of the views taken from the top of the church. Its kinda funny to see these fruits on the building top. Perhaps this represents the Garden of Eden?

Another view taken from the church building top, the dildo fo Barcelona!?


If you spend enough time observing the buildings in Barcelona, you'll find most of the buildings are colorful and artistic.

Here's two buildings taken from far across the street and I think they are really attractive. According to the traveling guide book, many of these buildings are built according to Gaudi's style.

Barcelona is truly a colorful city and I really spent most of my time capturing different buildings with unique design and architecture. Of course there are many more things to do there such as tasting wonderful Spanish food (tapas, paella, sangria... ), watching Barcelona FC owns and pawns other football teams, as well as doing shopping such as buying MNG and ZARA. If I have to include all these in this post, I think its gonna be a very long and draggy post.

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