10 September 2009

† Managing Your Life With Google Calendar & Docs †

I've been using Google Calendar and Google Docs for almost 2 years and I realize many people still do not aware of their existence. Many people may think its a waste of time storing information online but to me, having a backup of your daily plans and appointments online is a brilliant idea.

Google Calender is my most preferable online calender service that I've ever found. I've used it store all my important events such as on-calls, meetings, group counseling, bills and rental paying, birthdays etc. The best thing about Google Calender is that users can receive SMS reminder from Google before each event.

The next service that I use on daily basis is Google Docs. This service is very important to me because most of my documents including chemo drug purchasing, patient's detail, chemo regimes, and even personal pictures as well as powerpoint presentation can be stored online.

Many people are familiar with Microsoft Excel as it is one of the most important programme to be used to create tables, making statistics and graphs. Most satisfying of all, the Excel file (.xls) can be stored in Google Docs and it can be viewed online without downloading it. That is why I think Google Docs is really worth a try.

One of the reasons that I think Google Calender and Docs have not been noticed by many people may be due to its visibility to the Google surfers. If you see carefully in your Google page, try click on the 'more' option as shown in the picture and you will see 'Calendar' and 'Documents' options.

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