18 September 2009

† The Lost Room †

I've spent my whole day watching this 3 episodes of mini series called "The Lost Room". To be honest, this show is simply terrific! It is a science fiction series about a non-existed room and some of the very common everyday items from that room which possess unusual power once they are brought out from the room.

The storyline is about Joe Miller who accidentally obtains an unknown key that has the ability to open any door around him as long as the door has a knob and a key hole. Whenever the door is opened, there will be a room appears in front of his view even if he uses the key to open a public toilet.

Due to certain conflicts over the key, Joe's daughter is trapped in the room and disappeared. In order to find his daughter, Joe has to find out the origin of the mysterious room.

According the the series I've watched, the room is the non-existent room 10 at the abandoned Sunshine Motel somewhere in Mexico. In year 1961, something happened at room 9 of that motel, causing all these phenomena to occur.

From what I've learned from the series, room 10 can only be assessed by the key holder. The key holder can bring anyone into the room but they must leave the room together or else when the room door is closed, the person inside the room will disappear just like Joe's daughter into an unknown place. Even if an object is left in the room, once the door is closed and reopened again, the object will vanish.

The fun part is that, Joe realizes that there are up to 100 items in the room and these items (known as 'The Objects' in the series) are indestructible outside the room. All of them have unique and unbelievable abilities for instance, a pen that can produce microwaves that burns an object, a scissor that turns anything upside down and many more. However in the series, some objects for example the television seen in the picture above, the power is remained unknown.

Apparently there are a few rules can be observed in the series. One of it is that I mentioned about anything that is left in the room will disappear once the door is closed. However, this rule does not apply on The Objects. Interestingly The Objects will reset to the place they are supposed to be. For instance, the pen will always to be seen on the table whenever the door is opened even if it is thrown under the bed.

Joe learns a lot about the room however there are no answer for the existence of this room. Apparently people are still looking for the answer and even the person who were directly involved in the 1961 incident didn't even know about the cause and the source.

Personally I think this is a great series to watch and I do hope the second part will be released although I have a feeling that there won't be any second part.

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