30 September 2009

† Inflamed Acne On My Nose!! †

This is the worst acne ever... Half a cent big and it is severely inflamed. Worse of all, the stupid acne makes my nose looks like a clown nose that can even see it with my own eyes without using the mirror *cried*.

It all started out with a single tiny black head on my nose and I accidentally stretched it while playing badminton. I guess thats where the contamination got into it.

Thank God the acne burst today. Things were quite messy and I've decided to cover it up with a plaster. Acne oh acne, please do not visit me any more, I'm 25 already and I don't need them anymore T.T

What To Do
  1. BEFORE: Preventive care is always the best. To keep your nose clean before an acne attacks you. Wash your face twice daily with facial scrub and toner will be good after each face washing.
  2. DURING: Avoid touching the inflamed area. Topical antibiotic or benzoyl peroxide will help reducing the inflammation.
  3. AFTER: Post acne care is very important. The skin needs to heal and therefore supplements such as antioxidants are useful. Do not ever touch the wound until it has fully healed.
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