04 September 2009

† DotA Life Of Mine †

My working life has been busy and I don't even have much time for my favourite game: Warcraft's DotA. However thanks to my brother Su Yuen who installed Warcraft along with Garena in my computer and I get the chance to play in my house without going to the cyber cafe. So what is Garena? Garena is a programe created for multiplayer games such as DotA so that players around the world can meet in the channels and play with each other.

This is my lucky day with the nickname of mine "kyokidkeat" in DotA Garena. For instance, my little Panderan Brewmaster got a mega kill along with a double kill by killing 2 heroes at once.

Another match of me using Omniknight was really a tough game where 3 of us fighting against 5 opponent players because 2 of our team players left the game. And surprisingly, we won the game *faint*

In this game, my Pit Lord was really on fire while casting 'rain of fire'. Fat, bulky but fast and strong is what they call my Pit Lord *laughs*.

Its kinda unusual for me to use Lone Druid but apparently my Lone Druid was doing well. Along with my Lone Druid, I have my little pet bear fighting side by side with me. And of course, we owned the game.

Things didn't go smooth all the way after all. During my last match teaming up with Niic, we lost badly that we have to run to an unknown area to hide ourself after all our team mates had quited the game.

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