09 August 2009

† Sungai Pandan Waterfall Camping Prelude †

Another weekend coming soon and I'll be around in Kuantan. If I stay at home doing nothing then that's gonna be meaningless. Lucky enough that I'm staying in Pahang, my weekend won't be so boring.

Ever heard of the waterfall in Sungai Pandan in Panching Area of Kuantan? Well, honestly speaking I've never heard of it and one of my housemates William suggested to camp there for a night. Sounds fun!

And yeah, my H&M summer slippers can be used again.

Talk about camping, of course food shopping is a must and we planned to have a BBQ there.

We ended up bought RM300 of food including some basic utensils for BBQ.

Here we have Han Ping showing off his new Waja and he humbly offered us his car as our public transport.

Well, the camping site was approximately 50m walking distance from our car park and we had to walk through a winding jungle track to reach our destination.

From the right, we have Han Ping, Quek, Pui Yee and Zhi Yong.

Stairs climbing was also a killing part where 30% of our energy had been drained there.

Finally, a clear area for us to build our base.

Our first settlement. It was a hug camp and honestly speaking I think it can fit up to 5 Han Pings in it (Maybe 8 William Tongs).

Talking about William Tong, he has his own way of taking photographs using the tripod. I mean... whats the point using the tripod?

The waterfall was around 60 plus footsteps away from our camping site and we can hear the sound of the water pouring from the top of the hill.

It was totally majestic and I really enjoyed every moment watching it.

I would like to throw myself into the river to feel the water however my time is brief and we need to start our camp fire soon as the day was getting darker.

Another view of a hanging bridge nearby our camp site. It was totally awesome.

Setting up the camp fire was the fun part. Thank goodness my scout skill of lighting up the fire wasn't faded yet and we've managed to set up a huge camp fire.

Finally, during the night, we did our BBQ and we kinda regret about it because we can't really see a thing. Doing BBQ at night without any light was stupid I guess. Haha. Nothing much to show here because everything was dark back there. It was a tough night anyway, I was attacked by a few unknown insects and my stomach wasn't feel good thanks to some of our uncooked chicken. Furthermore, the whole night was humid and stuffy. It feels like I'm in a sauna when a few of us cramped ourselves in the camp.

Finally, its morning again. Here we have William with his post sleeping disorder depressive look while Han Ping was playing around with his classical guitar with the song "Desperado In C#minor'.

Surprisingly the fire survived the whole night. 'To be continued in finale..."

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