08 August 2009

† Speed Grapher: Photography & The Truth †

Speed Grapher is a 24 episodes anime series, being created by Gonzo (a Japanese anime studio) in year 2005 and was released around 2008.

The story was initially about how the society being obsessed by money and power, causing humans to lose their sanity. It was a dark, boring yet depressive introduction anyway.

The story expands and become more interesting as the main character came into the scene, a war photographer named Tatsumi Saiga who investigates a secret fetish club for the ultra-wealthy, including the politicians and even the prime minister.

Saiga obtained a mystical power which allows him to kill using his camera. Such killing ability somehow compensate his love for photography. Isn't that ironic? I can't say this anime is a 'must watch' and it can't even beat a quarter of my favourite anime Blood+ but I love how the author create something out of expectation from a mere camera.

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