18 August 2009

† Santorini By Yanni †

Yanni, the popular Greek composer of New Age instrumental music has always been my favourite instrumental music artist since I was 12 years old. One of his songs that never grows old and has always been magnificent to me is "Santorini", especially the live version from the album "Live At The Acropolis".

The song "Santorini" was first heard by me in year 1996 and I can clearly remember the whole song because of its nicely arranged majestic intro incorporating the violins, trumpets, horns and timpani. To understand the song in detail, here's the video clip I've obtained from YouTube.

After the nice intro, the whole song suddenly turns gentle and soothing when it comes to Yanni's turn to play the piano (2:04 of the YouTube video). Its always my most favourite part of the whole song especially at 2:24, the bass guitar goes in the order of C, B, A, E, F, G, C along with the orchestra at that specific segment.

This song just never grow old and no matter how many times I've listened to it, I've never felt bored about it.

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