02 August 2009

† Music Of The Ocean †

I always think that the three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a tropical forest, and ultimately, the sound of outer ocean on a beach. If you ever have the chance to sit by the seaside, alone, listening to the sound of the ocean, it makes you feel holistic and completed.

Here's two pieces of instrumental music that I've loved for quite some time and both of them contains the so-called 'ocean-kind-of-smell'. Simply listening to them make me always think "don't worry, everything is gonna be fine." Just click on the 'PLAY' icon below to listen to both songs.

Ocean Dream
The first song I have here is called 'Ocean Dream'. This song is really neat and breezing. The major leading instrument in the music is guitar along with some other sound effects, making the whole music sounds like you're on a relaxing island vacation.
Sunny Side
The second song with the title 'Sunny Side', is my all time favourite and each time I listen to this song, I just can't resist and I'll play it at least twice. This song has a great guitar strumming intro along with percussion. The most attractive part of this song I tell you is gotta be the part when the piano comes into the music and it makes the whole music sounds gorgeous.

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