22 August 2009

† Laskar Pelangi By Nidji †

I'm listening to the song 'Laskar Pelangi' sang by Nidjil recently. Its truly a great inspirational song with a good melody as well as arrangement. Just for an introduction, the word 'nidji' comes from the Japanese word 'niji' which means rainbow. The band Nidji originated from Jakarta, Indonesia and the band consists of 6 members.

The first time I came across this song was through the radio in the hospital I'm working in and the very first thing that caught my attention was the song's guitar intro. I'm not pretty sure the instrument used was a guitar, mandolin or a banjo. But anyway, this song is performed in key of G#. As I go on with my further research about this song, I realize this song was the OST of a movie show, also named Laskar Pelangi.

The show Laskar Pelangi was actually taken from a popular novel written by Andrea Hirata. Its about two teachers who sacrifice their time in order to educate the poor children in Indonesia. Thinking of their responsibility as an educator, they're willing to move on and provide everything they can to the children although they've faced all kind of problems.

Here's the video clip I've obtained from YouTube. Perhaps it gives a clearer picture how the movie goes.

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